Holiday Gift Bags

Make Christmas gifts more delightful with festive gift bags made from decorative paper, recycled materials, and small embellishments.

Fancy little totes made from clip art and filled with small presents — gift cards, cash, jewelry, and other trinkets — might make Scrooge himself smile.

By adding simple embellishments, ordinary brown paper bags are transformed into elegant wrappings. Lace ribbons through two small holes in the flap of a bag, and tie a millinery fruit into the knot.

Slipping an item into a paper bag is one of the most basic ways to wrap anything. Start with acolorful lunch sack, and dress it up with a band of patterned paper. (Trim the papers with the pinking blade on arotary cutter, and attach with double-sided tape.) Then run the top through a sewing machine set on a decorative or zigzag stitch.

Gift bags can hold all sorts of goodies. Dress up plain ones by cutting the top of a colorful paper bag with scallop-edged scissors and gluing on a card cutout. Then punch one or two holes and tie on a ribbon.

Make holiday gift bags with a twist. Embellish felt sacks with rickrack handles and a bright ornament.

Familiar materials, like paper bags, are easily made into sophisticated packaging with ribbon. Fill with soaps, candy, or any other little treat.

Add a personal touch to presents with a holiday gift bag crafted from rice paper, tissue paper, and handmade rosettes.

For a charming package, lace ribbon through slits youve made along the flap of the bag.

This package is made from a sheet of heavy, textured paper folded around a tissue-wrapped gift. The outer layer is a 12-by-27-inch piece of Japanese kozo paper (commonly known as rice paper and available from specialty paper stores) backed with green paper. Use a ruler or bone folder, available from art-supply stores, to make neat creases 9 inches, 12 inches, and 21 inches from a short side of the paper. Enclose the gift, bind the package with a green satin ribbon, and finish it off with a slim brown ribbon tied in an elegant knot.

Adorn two buttons on a small paper bag for cheery, inexpensive packaging.

Sew first button 4 1/2 inches from the top of one side of a small paper bag. Then, fold top over twice (about 1-inch folds), toward the button side. Align second button with first on the second fold and unfold to sew second button. Refold, and wrap twine in a figure 8 around both buttons.

White paper bags decorated with a cuff link and ribbon offer beautiful packaging and a ready-made way to carry a gift home.

Make two buttonholes in ribbon so that when its draped over a folded bag, the buttonholes line up on the front and back; cut a small hole in the bag where the buttonholes fall, and secure with a cuff link. Glue the ends of the ribbon to bottom of bag.

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We like to cut, shred, and recycle wrapping paper to seal cellophane bags of treats, wrap packages, and make festive garlands, party trays, and other decor.

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