Womans Day is Australias number one weekly magazine. It is the absolute authority on Australian and international celebrities. From cover to cover, we take readers inside the stars lives the good, the bad and the ugly. We show readers all the latest star trends, from fashion and beauty to homes and travel. Womans Day is also much loved for its relevant and real lifestyle pages that include great everyday recipes for friends and family as well as expert advice on health, fashion, beauty, homes and pets.

Womans Day is a slice of Australian life that entertains, informs and advises Australian women every week. It dives into the lives of those we see every day in our homes on TV, hear on radio and read about in newspapers. It inspires with stories of amazing people and provides fuel for those watercooler moments.

*Roy Morgan Single Source, September 2017

Womans Day will take the stress out of Christmas by presenting 4 x 24 page food lift-outs available for sponsorship. From the first issue we will cover Christmas baking, bake-ahead gifts, traditional Christmas, Classic Aussie Christmas, last-minute Christmas and party entertaining ideas.