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will soon be in full swing and we have this selection of keenly pricedand promotional merchandise for trade show and conferences.

Crazy Dave has chosen to focus on a range of low pricedSmartphone Accessoriessince, unlike mugs, they are useful enough to leave the office so your brand is seen in a lot of locations.

The same goes forCotton Shopper & Tote Bagsespecially since the UK now levies a charge on carrier bags. Event gifts for re-use is the order of the day.

Today we have24event giveaway products on sale, ranging from0.99to12.95for low quantities of 250 and lower prices for larger bulk quantities.

Event Giveaways – Smartphone Accessories

Mobile Earphone Splitter Branded Gift CPX758

Logo Phone Stand Mobile Office CPX761

Promotional Stylus Phone Holder CPX763

Cord Wrap Stand Event Giveaway CPX759

In-Car Mobile Phone Holder Giveaway CPX817

Promotional Smart Wall Charger CPX824

Logo Printed Multiple Device Charger CPX825

Cotton Tote Bag Event Giveaways SPB01

Draw String Bag Full Colour Printed SPB04

Events differ and the one that you are planning for will have a demographic profile of attendees. For example a conference on genetics is likely to contain a room full of intellectual professionals who would value a sophisticated looking (but cheap) logo printed stylus pen / ballpoint combination but wont be impressed with a stress-ball.

The right event gift can delight its guests and make the whole experience memorable but the wrong promotional items can look desperate, create a poor impression and find its way to the rubbish bin very quickly.

We dont envy you if you are stuck but we want to help you with our suggested products in this giveaway swag ideas section.

A trade show would be very different to a conference and it would pay to think about the theme of the show and who is likely to attend before deciding on the best trade show giveaways for your prospects.

Its good to know your target audience and if you can visualise your good prospects as having particular characteristics then you can to begin to imagine the kind of exhibition freebies they would appreciate.

If the footfall past your stand consists of a huge variety of people then a selection of different promotional gifts would be a better bet to communicate your brand, but that might mean a trade off between your tradeshow budget and the bulk discount you can get for buying tradeshow giveaways in quantity.

Suppose there is an environmental theme to the tradeshow. An eco friendly range of freebie products is going to be respected more than fun gift items that could be a bit too frivolous especially if they are obviously throw away items and wasteful.

Corporate event planning would imagine the perfect giveaway for corporate branding but what kind of corporate event it? Would the event be internal where you are effectively talking about employees gifts that improve the perception of the business and employee appreciation or would the event be something like a product launch with invited potential and existing customers who would expect corporate gifts?

For employees you would probably think of logo branded products that can be used at work for example employees who use iPads or tablet computers a logo printed cover would be appropriate.

At a product launch perhaps gadgets and technology such as mobile phone accessories would help improve your guest experience after the event where you guests remember your brand.

What is the nature of the conference and does it last several days?

Imagine a technology or software conference where attendees lug their tablets and iPads around with printed material and note pads of the paper variety. In that situation you might provide a logo printed or embroidered laptop bag with pockets for water bottles and other conference survival essentials.

Conference bags make a great gift because they get a lot of re-use in public places and that will very effectively promote your brand for the long life-time of the bag. One thing to watch out for is that your logo is not too large and striking since that seems to make the bag less attractive for long term use. Something fairly discreet is better in that situation.

The cheapest promotional giveaways are often refer to as event swag and in many events you are given a swag bag as you enter. This is filled with promotional material, usually leaflets and brochures but also ultra cheap items like logo stickers which would probably only be used it the brand was famous.

In the past the swag bags have been robust carrier bags printed with the name of an event sponsor but they have attained a less than perfect image now that, in the UK and Ireland at least, they carry a carrier bag tax as an incentive to reduce litter.

The best swag bag idea is to give a cotton, jute or non-woven tote bag. They are particularly valuable as a promotional item since they stand a very high chance of getting reused like a cotton shopper. We have seen recommendations that if they are brightly coloured with an attractive design kids fall in love with the shoulder bag variety and want to use them for school. Now, school might not be the optimum promotional environment but the parent gets a continual reminder of the brand.

The Advertising Speciality Institute in the USA have an interestingImpressions studywhich has a PDF document that shows that in the US bags show more impressions than any other promotional item. That is a very helpful report and we think it should help you decide on the optimum promotional product for your marketing plan.

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