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Jasmine/ bbh solo album 2k18 / 042817 💛

true crime blog + occasional drawings.

Animation student and just a general nerd who likes pink and cute stuff. 🌸They/them/theirs🌸 Ask 🌸 Other Social Media 🌸 Commissions 🌸 Uni Work 🌸 Fanart 🌸 Original Work

this is your local moodboard blog dedicated to exo requests: OPEN Masterlist

Traditional Artist • Galaxy Art Style INSTAGRAM ‣ @maeartistry INQUIRIES ‣

Masterlist/ Updates/Fic Recs Emily 20 something amateur writer recent: New Rules 2

Hello, hello! Welcome to your 1 hot spot compilation blog of EXO, GOT7, & BTS scenarios! ◈ M.LIST ◈ RECENT ◈ NAVIGATION ◈ ✏ REQUESTS: CLOSED (please read our FAQs page before asking a question)! ◈◈Warning: This blog occasionally posts NSFW content that can be disturbing or uncomfortable for readers/followers.

Hi there! Welcome to Cobweb and Stripes, a webcomic based on Tim Burtons Beetlejuice (both movie and cartoon!). Check out the sections above for more information and remember: Do not say the B word 😉 __________________________________ If you are new here go to Introduction section above for more info :3

M u l t i f a n d o m Mostly B.A.P Local gif creator 170416: changed my life — BAPnet Daenet

A collection of all things Girl With Curves

THE GIRL WITH FLAXEN HAIR illustrator BJD collector nature lover traveler professional daydreamer

Every day, new French words to discover. Why? Because French is beautiful. • Our online boutique is OPEN! Shop our collection:

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