Tips For Beating A DUI From Los Angeles Criminal Defense Law Firms

A DUI conviction can have serious consequences. Not only do drivers have to pay immediate penalties, often including a fine, probation, and license suspension for a first offense, but they will suffer long-term consequences as well. For instance, a criminal background check will reveal a DUI conviction to potential employers and auto insurance rates will go up. Moreover, a second or third conviction will likely require jail time. According to Los Angeles Criminal Defense Law firms, there are several ways to beat a DUI.

Don’t Take A Sobriety Test

Many drivers aren’t aware that they have the right to refuse a sobriety test. In fact, the police cannot force anyone to take a field sobriety test or breathalyzer test during a traffic stop or during an arrest. However, it is a risky decision. If a driver is convicted of DUI, he or she will face a stiffer penalty for having refused the test. On the other hand, many people are able to beat a DUI charge if there is no evidence that they were intoxicated.

Challenge The Traffic Stop

The police are not allowed to pull someone over without a reason. Therefore, drivers who were driving normally with no mistakes or burnt-out headlights can claim that the police did not have reasonable suspicion and the stop was improper. This strategy is often a successful DUI defense.

Report A Medical Condition

There are certain medical conditions that can cause symptoms similar to those of intoxication. Simple allergies, for example, can cause bloodshot eyes, and an ear infection can cause an unsteady gait. Parkinson’s or a similar condition might cause mild tremors, and a speech impediment could mimic the sound of slurred speech. If there is no blood test or breath test on record to prove intoxication, evidence of other medical conditions can further prove a person’s innocence.

Don’t Answer Questions Without A Lawyer

Drivers who have been arrested for DUI have a constitutional right to speak with an attorney, and that is the best possible course of action. By talking to an attorney rather than the police, drivers are more likely to avoid incriminating themselves. Attorneys protect their clients and offer them the best chance of beating a DUI in court.