Fruit powder smashed iOS loyalty myth shattered: actually not as good as Android

Fruit powder smashed iOS loyalty myth shattered: actually not as good as Android
I don’t know where to start, there is a saying in the smart phone industry that Apple’s mobile phone user loyalty will be higher than Android, or a lot of Android users will eventually switch to Apple, no loyalty.

Of course, this is a very “impression stream” statement, without the support of authoritative data surveys. In the mobile phone industry, analysts often use the “retention rate” index to weigh the loyalty of a brand, but the comparison between the system camps is equally appropriate.

Is loyalty (that is, retention) higher in iOS than in Android? I am afraid this is not the case. At least in the United States, the loyalty of Android is slightly higher than that of Apple. According to the latest statistics shared by CIRP, in the previous 12 months, the retention rate of the Android mobile phone system in the US mobile phone market reached 92%, while that of iOS was 89%.

From the line chart provided by CIRP, you can see that the retention rate of both Android and iOS users is slowly rising, but because the growth rate is basically the same, Android is always higher than iOS. This shows that in such a very representative market in the United States, users’ loyalty to the mobile phone system is very high, and it is not easy to try to replace the system camp, and Android is even higher.

Of course, this may be unfair to Apple. After all, there are thousands of mobile phone brands in the Android camp, and the iOS camp is only Apple. If you change the retention rate of the mobile phone system to the retention rate of the mobile phone brand, then the Android side is estimated to be very ugly, and Apple is still high and no pressure.

For consumers, the advantage of the Android camp is more fresh, if you are tired of a certain brand, then it is ok to change to other brands. And after multiple versions of the iteration, the Android system has been very perfect, not to mention the Android system in the overseas market is rarely seen by the poisonous tumor capture caused by the phenomenon of Caton, the experience is still very good.

Needless to say, Apple has a stable and high-quality software ecosystem that is a magic weapon for iOS. Although the iPhone experience is no longer unique in recent years, it still represents the highest level of smartphones. Once user stickiness is formed, it is difficult to make big changes.related articles