What is the difference between Apple CEO’s photo exhibition in Shanghai?

What is the difference between Apple CEO’s photo exhibition in Shanghai?
Hello again! The sea is full of rivers and rivers, and Shanghai is changing with each passing day. On October 8th, Apple CEO Cook used this sentence to announce the official opening of his 2018 visit to China on his personal Weibo.

Shanghai is the first stop. His schedule is very full. During the two days in Shanghai, Cook’s activities include meeting with Shanghai leaders, going to the yoga gym to experience Apple Watch, using Apple Watch to experience Shanghai’s ferry, and going to an Apple. The store communicates with the clerk and the customer.

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Field visit, photography exhibition that can move

In his busy schedule, Cook also deliberately visited a photography exhibition. Of course, it’s not that Cook has such a leisure time. Like other activities, Cook’s move is also to promote Apple’s products. So what is the difference between this photo exhibition? On October 11th, the cover journalist visited the photo exhibition site on the spot.

“The ingenious use of augmented reality technology has brought unprecedented artistic expression.” On October 10th, Cook described his feelings on this personal microblog as visiting the “Quiet Endless” photography exhibition. So how does augmented reality technology mentioned by Cook come about?

The reporter saw on the scene that, like ordinary photography exhibitions, the photographer’s graphic pictures were placed in the exhibition hall. However, if the visitor uses an Apple phone to align the photo, the AR function can be used to see the photo become a short video. “This will let everyone see the story behind the photo.” Su Yiliang, the author and photographer of this photo exhibition, told reporters.

Apple Layout AR’s ambition

Cook’s every move represents Apple’s business purpose. The photos of the photo exhibitions he visited this time were all taken with the iPhone XS mobile phone, and also related to the market positioning of Apple’s mobile phone. After the release in September, Apple took photos as one of the main selling points of the iPhone XS. “Compared with the previous iPhone, the iPhone XS camera shutter is more responsive.” Su Yiliang commented on his creative experience.

The AR presented in this photo exhibition is a long-term strategic layout of Apple. At the WWDC in 2017, Apple launched ARkit specifically for global AR developers. After one year of development, it became the largest AR platform, and this year it brought the second generation ARkit. At the same time, in iOS 12, Apple also added an AR application APP such as a rangefinder.

Cook said before: “Augmented reality will have a great development in the future. At that time, we will think about what it would be like if there was no life, just like people are curious if there is no mobile phone.”

Focusing on the report released by AR/VR analyst Digi-Capital, AR has reached 3.5 billion installation base and $85 billion-90 billion in revenue in five years. Guoyuan Securities analysts believe that the AR industry has a huge space, the rhythm of the outbreak, software and applications prior to hardware, and AR applications for smartphones precede AR glasses.

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