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What To Do In Algarve, Portugal

When you are in Portugal make sure that you drop by Algarve. Algarve is the southernmost region of Portugal and is popular for Atlantic beaches and golf resorts. Just last year, it had a total of 12.7 million visitors. This is evidence of how beautiful and popular this place is. You can do endless things in Algarve and this website would tell you all about it.

Eat their food. Their dishes are unique and would make you want to try more. They are famous for having a wide variety of seafood dishes so be sure to try each. Their traditional dishes are also a must try such as cataplana de marisco which is a flavorful seafood dish and sapateira which is a steamed crab dish. You can learn where to find the best restaurant that offers these dishes on this website.

Go out and see the Ponta da Piedade. This place boasts a majestic view of rock formations, sandy beaches, and crazy cliffs. It is one of the top-rated beaches in Portugal. You can take amazing pictures here to show to your friends. Check out more information about it in this website.

Visit the fortified town of Silves. It is surrounded with orange groves and a huge red castle. Silves is a good destination spot for those who love history. Learn about its fascinating history here on this website.

Play some golf. Algarve is well-known for their award-winning golf courses. You would want to give golf a try in this stunning place. Check this website to learn more about their golf courses.

Algarve offers astonishing gypsy markets. You can buy snacks for your travel or souvenirs for your friends here. Best thing about it is that they are very affordable even for budget travelers.

Surf at the Costa Vicentina in Algarve. It is so vast that it totals to a 60 km from Cape St Vincent all the way to Odeceixe. This landscape is protected from being polluted since it is a national park.

Ride a boat to Praia da Marinha. It has stunning rock formations but lesser tourists. You can have a picnic here while appreciating its view or snorkel and observe the fishes and corals.

Faro is another go-to destination of history lovers. You will be able to see the mix of modern and traditional buildings while strolling around its streets for some food and drinks.

Check out the world-famous Cape St Vincent lighthouse. This town is unique since it has spectacular cliffs and wind-beaten landscapes. It is one of the world’s busiest shipping ports making it a popular tourist destination.

The last advice is to chase waterfalls in Pego do Inferno. You can freely relax here with no interruptions since this place is secluded.