HTC’s former flagship: sapphire screen + 4GB memory, now it is a thousand yuan machine!

HTC’s former flagship: sapphire screen + 4GB memory, now it is a thousand yuan machine!
The days of HTC are not good, it can be said that the situation is getting worse and worse, the strength of the new machine is good, but the market reaction is flat. Let’s introduce one of the HTC U Ultras.

Many people may have never heard of this phone. In design, the HTC U Ultra uses a glass design. The front of the high-profile version even uses a whole piece of sapphire glass, and there is a 2.05-inch “deputy” in the upper right corner of the front screen. Screen”, which can display some information for a long time.

In terms of configuration, the HTC U Ultra is equipped with a Snapdragon 821 processor, a 4+64GB storage combination, a rear 12 megapixel UltraPixel camera, and a highly acclaimed HTC BoomSound stereo speaker.

From these aspects, HTC does not lack innovation, and there are many selling points. However, pricing is the biggest reason hindering its development. The listing price of HTC U Ultra has reached 5088 yuan. Although it has dropped to about 1,600 yuan today, who is willing to buy a mobile phone of Xiaolong 821?related articles

Samsung’s flagship dropped from 5688 to 3999.

Samsung’s flagship dropped from 5688 to 3999.
It is no secret that Samsung mobile phones have been cold in the Chinese market. From the current situation, its market share is less than 0.8%, and may continue to decline in the future. As the flagship of last year, the recent price of Samsung’s mobile phone has dropped from 5,688 yuan to 3,999 yuan, but it is still nobody cares, really too embarrassing!

This phone is the Samsung s8 released last year. In fact, as the flagship of last year, it should belong to the machine level. It adopts the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, and is equipped with a curved screen design and can support IP68 waterproof, with wireless charging and iris recognition, and it looks really powerful. In the comparison of last year’s models, I believe that even Huawei’s new flagship of Xiaomi may not be able to win, saying that it is not an exaggeration.

However, we have found that even if the price of this mobile phone has dropped very sharply recently, it has not caused people’s desire to buy, and it is basically nobody cares. Currently on the third-party platform, Samsung s8 this phone sales data has been staying for a very long time, no major changes. The reason may be due to the following:

Although the current price of Samsung s8 phone has declined, it still reaches 3,999 yuan. Even in the market, the price of third-party channels should reach 3,000 yuan. This is actually the price of many new Android flagships. For example, Xiaomi 8, Meizu 16 and even OPPOR17 and other mobile phones are basically within this price range. And if you are willing to increase the price, you can even buy the iPhone 8 and other mobile phones directly, and the experience is even better.

So, even compared to Samsung’s mobile phone, Samsung s9’s recent price decline is more serious, although Guoan is satisfied to start at 5,199 yuan, but if you are willing to choose Hong Kong version, the price has dropped to 3,500 yuan, and Performance configuration and appearance are actually better! In contrast, the Samsung S8 is no longer worth buying.

If it is you, would you choose the Samsung S8 that is now lowering the price? Think about how this phone is, welcome to talk about your opinion.related articles

Xiaomi’s new machine passed the EEC certification, which seems to indicate its intention to enter the European market.

Xiaomi’s new machine passed the EEC certification, which seems to indicate its intention to enter the European market.
Xiaomi mobile phone has a good reputation overseas in recent years, especially in India. However, a recent Xiaomi mobile phone has passed the Russian Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) certification, which seems to indicate that Xiaomi intends to enter the European market.

In general, EEC typically issues certificates to smartphones with code names. But this time the certification body publicly acknowledged that it was Red Rice Note 6. It is worth mentioning that Glory 8C has also recently obtained EEC certification. EEC not only pointed out that this certified mobile phone is Red Rice Note 6, but also specifically mentioned that this is a smart phone from Xiaomi. These all indicate that Red Rice Note 6 will be launched in Europe soon.

At present, EEC has no more configuration information for Redmi Note 6. According to previous reports, Redmi Note 6 will be equipped with a 6-inch full HD+ display, equipped with Qualcomm 710 processor, configured with 4GB+64GB body storage specifications, support micro-SD expansion; rear 12 million + 5 million pixel dual camera, front 8 million pixel single camera, built-in 4000mAh large battery, rear fingerprint recognition.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi has now opened the “Millet Youth Travel Season” activity, the lowest price of Xiaomi 8 is 230 yuan, the Xiaomi 8 SE is only sold for 1599, and the Xiaomi 8 (6GB+64GB) version is currently sold for 2469 yuan, compared with the previous few days. Drop 30 yuan:

The millet 8 adopts a double glass body, and the back has a unique “droplet arc” design, which is double-shot and vertical. The front side adopts a special shaped screen that is hidden by the support software. The specific specification is 6.21 inch AMOLED screen, 18.7:9 ratio, resolution is FHD+ (2248×1080), and supports DPI-P3 wide color gamut. An infrared camera is added to the Liuhai area, which adds infrared face unlocking and supports quick unlocking in a black environment.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC is standard on the hardware. The camera and rear camera adopt the same camera module as the MIX2S. They are wide-angle + telephoto, support optical zoom, have portrait mode, and support optical image stabilization. The main camera features a SONY IMX 363 sensor with 1.4 micron large pixels, a single pixel size, and dual PD focusing technology for improved focus success in dim conditions. At the same time, Xiaomi 8 faces dark light shooting and supports multi-frame synthesis noise reduction on the hardware.

Xiaomi 8 still has an AI scene camera. In the face of different scenes, Xiaomi 8 can provide unique color optimization for different scenes. At the same time, Xiaomi 8 also brings AI studio light effect, supports 7 different light effects, and can automatically adjust the light angle according to the face. Xiaomi mobile phone 8 front-end has 20 million pixels, standard single-camera, and supports micro-shaping beauty, support 3D modeling, more realistic and more natural.

In other respects, Xiaomi 8 still supports full-featured NFC, as well as standard dual-channel GPS (L1+L10 dual-band dual-channel GPS) to optimize mobile phone positioning and more accurate positioning.related articles

Just now, the most beautiful vivo mobile phone last year was finally removed! Vivo’s first full-screen flagship

Just now, the most beautiful vivo mobile phone last year was finally removed! Vivo’s first full-screen flagship
In general, last year was considered a year of full-screen mobile phone popularity. In the process of conversion between non-full screen and full screen, certain models must be the “first crab” model. In the vivo mobile phone, the vivo X20 is the first mobile phone product with full screen.

The front of the vivo X20 adopts a new 18:9 full-screen design, which accounts for 85.3% of the screen. The frontal visual effect looks very full, which was quite amazing at the time.

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In addition, the vivo X20 inherits the design of the dome-type U-shaped antenna. The back is made of 3D curved metal design, plus a delicate sandblasting process. The logo is above the fingerprint recognition module, and the right side of the dual camera is the flash.

Therefore, overall, the vivo X20 is considered to be the most beautiful vivo phone of last year. Of course, this year is not counted.

The configuration of the vivo X20 is not inferior. It is equipped with the Snapdragon 660 processor, 2*12 megapixel camera + image refining technology for enhanced backlighting, and supports Face Wake facial recognition, maintaining the excellent HiFi tradition of the vivo family and performing well.

However, now the vivo X20 has been reduced by 600 yuan on the official website, and the 4GB+64GB version has been reduced from 2,599 yuan to 1998 yuan. Last year, this most beautiful vivo mobile phone was finally removed!

What is the difference between Apple CEO’s photo exhibition in Shanghai?

What is the difference between Apple CEO’s photo exhibition in Shanghai?
Hello again! The sea is full of rivers and rivers, and Shanghai is changing with each passing day. On October 8th, Apple CEO Cook used this sentence to announce the official opening of his 2018 visit to China on his personal Weibo.

Shanghai is the first stop. His schedule is very full. During the two days in Shanghai, Cook’s activities include meeting with Shanghai leaders, going to the yoga gym to experience Apple Watch, using Apple Watch to experience Shanghai’s ferry, and going to an Apple. The store communicates with the clerk and the customer.

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Field visit, photography exhibition that can move

In his busy schedule, Cook also deliberately visited a photography exhibition. Of course, it’s not that Cook has such a leisure time. Like other activities, Cook’s move is also to promote Apple’s products. So what is the difference between this photo exhibition? On October 11th, the cover journalist visited the photo exhibition site on the spot.

“The ingenious use of augmented reality technology has brought unprecedented artistic expression.” On October 10th, Cook described his feelings on this personal microblog as visiting the “Quiet Endless” photography exhibition. So how does augmented reality technology mentioned by Cook come about?

The reporter saw on the scene that, like ordinary photography exhibitions, the photographer’s graphic pictures were placed in the exhibition hall. However, if the visitor uses an Apple phone to align the photo, the AR function can be used to see the photo become a short video. “This will let everyone see the story behind the photo.” Su Yiliang, the author and photographer of this photo exhibition, told reporters.

Apple Layout AR’s ambition

Cook’s every move represents Apple’s business purpose. The photos of the photo exhibitions he visited this time were all taken with the iPhone XS mobile phone, and also related to the market positioning of Apple’s mobile phone. After the release in September, Apple took photos as one of the main selling points of the iPhone XS. “Compared with the previous iPhone, the iPhone XS camera shutter is more responsive.” Su Yiliang commented on his creative experience.

The AR presented in this photo exhibition is a long-term strategic layout of Apple. At the WWDC in 2017, Apple launched ARkit specifically for global AR developers. After one year of development, it became the largest AR platform, and this year it brought the second generation ARkit. At the same time, in iOS 12, Apple also added an AR application APP such as a rangefinder.

Cook said before: “Augmented reality will have a great development in the future. At that time, we will think about what it would be like if there was no life, just like people are curious if there is no mobile phone.”

Focusing on the report released by AR/VR analyst Digi-Capital, AR has reached 3.5 billion installation base and $85 billion-90 billion in revenue in five years. Guoyuan Securities analysts believe that the AR industry has a huge space, the rhythm of the outbreak, software and applications prior to hardware, and AR applications for smartphones precede AR glasses.

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Fruit powder smashed iOS loyalty myth shattered: actually not as good as Android

Fruit powder smashed iOS loyalty myth shattered: actually not as good as Android
I don’t know where to start, there is a saying in the smart phone industry that Apple’s mobile phone user loyalty will be higher than Android, or a lot of Android users will eventually switch to Apple, no loyalty.

Of course, this is a very “impression stream” statement, without the support of authoritative data surveys. In the mobile phone industry, analysts often use the “retention rate” index to weigh the loyalty of a brand, but the comparison between the system camps is equally appropriate.

Is loyalty (that is, retention) higher in iOS than in Android? I am afraid this is not the case. At least in the United States, the loyalty of Android is slightly higher than that of Apple. According to the latest statistics shared by CIRP, in the previous 12 months, the retention rate of the Android mobile phone system in the US mobile phone market reached 92%, while that of iOS was 89%.

From the line chart provided by CIRP, you can see that the retention rate of both Android and iOS users is slowly rising, but because the growth rate is basically the same, Android is always higher than iOS. This shows that in such a very representative market in the United States, users’ loyalty to the mobile phone system is very high, and it is not easy to try to replace the system camp, and Android is even higher.

Of course, this may be unfair to Apple. After all, there are thousands of mobile phone brands in the Android camp, and the iOS camp is only Apple. If you change the retention rate of the mobile phone system to the retention rate of the mobile phone brand, then the Android side is estimated to be very ugly, and Apple is still high and no pressure.

For consumers, the advantage of the Android camp is more fresh, if you are tired of a certain brand, then it is ok to change to other brands. And after multiple versions of the iteration, the Android system has been very perfect, not to mention the Android system in the overseas market is rarely seen by the poisonous tumor capture caused by the phenomenon of Caton, the experience is still very good.

Needless to say, Apple has a stable and high-quality software ecosystem that is a magic weapon for iOS. Although the iPhone experience is no longer unique in recent years, it still represents the highest level of smartphones. Once user stickiness is formed, it is difficult to make big changes.related articles