Adorable Homemade Easter Baskets You Can DIY in a Snap

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These tutorials for handcrafted Easter baskets are so much better than store-bought

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As soon as Valentines Day is over, were assaulted with an explosion of Easter-themed merchandise at practically every store we enter. Were not exactly complaining we love us some Peeps and Cadbury Creme Eggs but the manufactured Easter baskets kind of rub us the wrong way.

Maybe its because theyre so tempting. Grabbing a store-bought Easter basket is easy and the shortcut seems to make our already hectic lives a little less stressful but making a one-of-a-kind Easter basket at home is so much more fulfilling. And honestly, with these tutorials a DIY Easter basket is actually easier and cheaper than buying one. Seriously.

In fact, these inexpensive Easter basket projects are so simple, they are perfect for little hands and short attention spans to help out with if youre looking for a fun afternoon craft.

This basket is fun to make and weaving the paper builds fine motor skills, too.

Cut the construction paper into strips as wide as the basket holes.

Weave the paper in and out of the holes, securing one piece to the next with tape.

Add a ribbon or bow to the top of the handle, and your basket is finished.

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Perhaps the most reminiscent basket of childhood is the construction paper basket. All you need are two complementary colors of paper along with some patient cutting, weaving and stapling.

Cut the construction paper into 1-inch strips. Make the cuts as consistent as possible.

Lay 10 strips of one color (pink) side by side on a flat surface.

Use 10 strips of the other color (purple) to weave under and over the first set of strips, leaving 1 inch unwoven on each of four sides.

Now you have a flat (pink and purple) checked mat.

Gather together the end strips of one (pink) side and staple. Repeat for the remaining three sides.

Staple another (pink) strip of paper to form a handle between two opposite (purple) sides, and a strip of the other color (purple) to join the remaining (pink) sides.

With one final strip, create a paper bow and staple to the top of the two handles to secure them.

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Mini Wooden Easter Basket Kids Craft

Happy Sunday my friends! We are crafting today

As part of theWalmart Moms program, they have put together a fun crafting group. There is a specialFacebook groupthat you can join to share your crafts and be inspired by others. And they also havePinterest boardswith lots of great crafting ideas!

SinceEasteris right around the corner, I was asked to create theseMini Wooden Easter Basketsfrom the folks atCraft Project Ideas. I have to be honest, with all teenagers in the house, its been a few years since Ive made anyKids Crafts. But they looked really cute, so I thought I would give them a try and add my own little spin to them.

Arent they cute? Doug helped me and I think they turned out darling! After looking through the craft aisle atWalmart, and checking out all the fun crafting supplies fromCraft Project Ideas, we thought theseMini Wooden Easter Basketswould make a fun classroom treat.  We added someSun CatchersAcrylic Paintand apaint brushfor the kids to have a take home craft.

Note: Be sure to include the instructions onhow to paint the Sun Catchers.

Then we headed over to theEasteraisles, to check out the$.97 cents goodies! We found the bendable bunnies love them! and some little plastic, popper bunnies, that jump when you push down on them. And of course, I had to add a couple pieces of candy.

Lets make someMini Wooden Easter Baskets

You can print off the supply list below. If you are making more than one basket in each color, you may want to buy thelarger jars of Acrylic Paint.

Nowlets fill the baskets

Mini Wooden Easter Basket Classroom Treat

A fun Easter craft to make with your kids

Acrylic Paint either 12 or 24 pack depending on how many baskets you make

Paper Cups we bought 5 oz Dixie Bath Cups

Lay the Mini Craft Stick on the cup to measure the size

Using the point of the scissors, poke a hole on opposite sides of the cup adult help

Insert Fuzzy Stick into hole and make a small knot on the inside

Wrap the Fuzzy Stick around your finger to curl it

Insert the other end of into the opposite hole and make a small knot on the inside

Glue Mini Craft Sticks to the outside of the cup. Be sure they are standing straight up. Its okay if there is a little cup showing, it will be covered with paint.

Paint the basket with Acrylic Paint

Wrap 2 Fuzzy Sticks around the outside of the basket, twisting to secure and cutting off the excess. Be sure to tuck in the ends so the sharp edges arent showing.

These Mini Wooden Easter Baskets would make a great classroom treat, Sunday School gift, or even a fun teacher gift.

They would also make a cute Sunday School project! Have fun!

AND be sure to share your pictures, and join us in theWalmart Crafts Group!

Disclosure: This post is part of a campaign I am participating in with the Walmart Moms. Walmart has provided me with compensation and product for this post. My participation is voluntary and opinions, as always are my own.

April 3, 2012 at Apr90pm37America/ChicagobpmTuesdayTuesday_Apr2012042013

What a cute idea! This can also work well for little favour bags at a kids birthday party. Thanks for sharing it. I shared on FB and Pinterest with all my followers.

March 12, 2016 at Mar59am08America/ChicagobamSaturdaySaturday_Mar2016032013

its beautiful for kids very cute bunny

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Learn how to make your own pumpkin basket craft to keep your yummy treats in!

Do you decorate pumpkins for Halloween?

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Lets Get Started!1Tear tissue paper.Rip orange tissue paper into small pieces.2Glue tissue paper to plates.Cover two paper plates on the bottom with the orange tissue paper.3Cut out two pumpkin faces.Cut out four triangles and two mouths from black construction paper.4Make a handle.Cut out a handle for your basket from green construction paper.5Staple paper plates.Staple halfway around the paper plates with the orange side facing out.6Attach the handle.Staple the handle so one end is attached to one plate and the one is attach the other plate.7Glue on your pumpkin face.Glue your jackolantern face on both sides.

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