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The Ultimate Corporate Gift Ideas Guide – 2017 Edition

For 20 years our customers have asked us to help them think about the bestcorporate giftideas. So we decided to collect 182 years of  knowledge into one place.  Weve heard back from hundreds of business owners and office managers who told us what gifts their clients preferred and weve made a mental note over the years.

According to Fortune, with over 75% of businesses planning to send some form of gift to their clients and employees in 2017, we wanted to save you from wasting time with too many  and help you really understand what your options are so you can quickly and easily find the perfect way to sayThank You.

What are the best corporate gift ideas?

(Well make you hungry and then some)

Why should I give a client or employee a gift?

(Hint: lots of love and even a tax deduction!)

(Well take you through the process of narrowing options to one or two gifts, assembling your client list, and buying from a reputable company.)

There are lots of ideas for corporate gifts, but the most decadent way to impress clients is to send them atowering set of boxesfull of snacks, sweets and other treats. These are great gifts for sending to client groups that youve worked with all year. If you send it to one person, hopefully that person will spread it around

When it comes tosweets,most clients appreciate chocolates that can be passed around and eaten over the course of multiple days (even though they usually get eaten up in a day!) You can choose from chocolate covered raisins to just delicious chocolates by the pound.

There are chocolates you can have specially made with your logo. (These are extremely personal and convey a sense of custom class.) Brownies also make a great addition to sweets towers. For employees who favor baked goods over candy, theyre the perfect touch.

Snack towerstend to have much more variety. Nuts are a healthy and well received option. Ranging from cashews to peanuts to chocolate covered pretzels, there will be something for everyone. This is a great gift to consider if you want to balance healthy and decadent, since there might be employees with different dietary restrictions in the office.

The gift weve pictured above also includes delicious cheese, pepperoni, and crackers, which checks off the all-important meat group!

Luxury corporate gifts require a more intimate take on the gift tower. You could always get a nice wallet or pen, but given our experience with feedback from customers, we recommend consideringcorporate gift basketswhich are great for getting ever so slightly more personal. If you happen to know someone is particularly interested in a particular type of food or beverage, this is the ideal opportunity to let them know you pay attention.

An easy way to think about gift baskets is whether they have fruit or not .

Fruit basketsare nutritious options that use the bold color of natural ingredients to brighten someones day. You can pick custom fruits depending on the particular basket, or let us do all of the work for you. Your client will know that you care about their health and their personal preferences. If you want to show some extra thought for the health conscious, you can send an organic fruit basket (its the wine and fruit one shown below)

Non-fruit corporate gift basketscontain all sorts of luxury goodies, including but not limited tocheese, wine, chocolate, organic foods, and more. The possibilities for gift baskets are endless. But we recommend getting a basket with a variety of items, as opposed to just a cheese basket as you client may be tempted to share with coworkers or family members. We find that wine gifts go well with executives and chocolates with the ladies (surprise, surprise).  Organic gifts for clients in big cities, especially California and New York.

Wine giftsare perfect for the office sommelier or the employees who double as parents. With busy schedules and little self-care time, who wouldnt love a bottle of wine to sit down with on a chilly evening? Sophisticated and classy, wine provides the ideal way to wine-down. A chance to invite others over for a party or to indulge solo, this options is a definitive yes, please.

For executives,Personalized giftssend a signal: You are an important person to us.

Decanters, food, bags, outdoor gifts, and barware are simply a few of the options available to wow your clientele. These tokens not only demonstrate effort and care on your part, but illustrate the effort and service you are willing to provide to each and every person you serve.

Personalized gifting is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your organizations values, and they will not go unrecognized.

Decantersare perfect for someone who has let you in on their drink preference through meetings, business functions, or a personal dinner. These gifts inspire an elegance and sophistication that will scream professionalism with added class. Receiving a decanter creates a feeling of luxury and respect.

Apersonalized desk itemcan also be a great item for an executive to consider putting on his desk. These have ebbed and flowed over the years since so many executives are on the go and not in front of their desk. We present it to you because we think it might be a decent alternative that is professional and includes their name.

Food is, by far, the most expansive category of personalized giftsand we highly recommend this option for executives. Ranked among best gifts for clients: food platters, baskets, and boxes allow for customization and catering to individual tastes. Cookie pairings, custom chocolates, and gourmet food merely scratch the surface. A comfort to all, delicious food delivered as a gift is sure to make someone smile and think positively both of you and your services. Lets explore these.

Corporate food gifts are worthy of their own post, so we sampled 100 and wanted to give you the gifts that get the most positive feedback year after year.

Cookiesare perfect for everyone; they come in all shapes, sizes and flavors. Sugar, chocolate chip, oatmeal and beyond, the varieties and combinations continue forever.Customization with your own logois an option so clients will know exactly who cares so much about them.>

Customized chocolatescater to just as many people as specialty cookies. Chocolates are also among the best gifts for clients; they deliver a decadent taste of class, all wrapped up with a bow. Milk and dark chocolate come in a variety of presentations, perfect for any client, regardless of preference. Take the opportunity to wow your clients (and perhaps to ruin their dinner) by selecting the perfect mlange today.

Gourmet foodsweets, snacks, and even kosher foods,your gift will shine with a personal touch and the sheen of luxury. Packaged in baskets with the perfect compliments, all the hard work is eliminated. Gourmet food serves especially well as client gifts for real estate; who doesnt love a little basket as a housewarming present?

Cheese and charcuterie giftsare a step away from traditional gifts and into the novelty corner. Different themes allow for some pizzazz, as does the included personalized wooden cutting board that your client can keep long after the holidays to remind them how much you care.Wisconsin cheese,honey ham, and specialty sausage are just a few of the delicious options available. Take advantage of the opportunity to pair your cheese and charcuterie with some fruit to keep clients coming back for more all week (or maybe just day) long. Theyre that good!

Cookie giftsare not only business gifts, they a touch of whimsy to someones day.Logo cookies, message cookies, and special novelty containers not only provide sweet treats, but a reminder that your clients are your priority. A mini sugar rush becomes a reassuring moment. Whether you get personalized cookies is really a matter of personal choice. If youre a large brand, we usually recommend you use your logo.  If you dont have a brand youre trying to grow, such as a staffing company, we recommend not getting branded cookies, but instead gift boxes full of cookies.

Heres what one customer said about food gifts:

I LOVE LOVE LOVED sending a food gift to my new clients last year.  They really appreciated sharing the food around the office and they actually talked about it two months later. I think it established a lot of goodwill between us and helped kick things off for a tough negotiation- Stephanie, Triad Worldwide Shipping & Logistics

If youre trying to establish a relationship with a client, or stay top of mind, sending acorporate logo gifthelps your company stand out from the rest.  There are many ways to include your logo. The most basic way is to get your logo imprinted on a ribbon or as part of the packaging. Usually this is exceptionally cost effective and we recommend this as the easiest way to send a personal message.

Cutting Boards:One of our favorite luxury ways to include your logo is to get it imprinted on a cutting board.  Theyll be looking at your logo all year long! We find that employees are super jealous when they see this is what clients are getting for Christmas and want one for themselves. We end up having to place a second order for all the employees that want one with their own companys logo.

Logo Chocolates:Another option is to include your logo on a piece of chocolate! Yes, its one of the easiest things to create a logo for because chocolate is so malleable. (PS This is usually cheaper than you would think!)

The last option to consider for a corporate logo gift is a bag or physical gift. Even the simple text of your company name will go a long way.

Physical giftsincluding bags, totes, outdoor gifts, and barware, are great for a longer lasting alternative to food. Your clients and employees will boast your appreciation long after the holidays when they see, wear, or utilize your carefully selected tokens. Employee gifts never looked this good.

Bags for womenprovide a stylish spin on business gifts. It serves not only a utilitarian purpose, but also adds style. Available for customization or with witty phrases, bags are a great way to demonstrate your appreciation in a personal way. Monograms, names, and more make personalization a given. Now she can tell everyone where she got her cute bag and you get a little free advertising out of the deal. (psssst, its a secret that these are bridesmaids bags…but no one will ever know)  Over the years weve learned this is a great way for office managers to get something for all the admins (assuming theyre female, of course you might need something different for the guys, if there are any)

Bags and totes are available for everyone!Styles includingduffel bags, wine coolers, standard coolers, toiletry bags, and sport bagsare another wonderful opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge about your clients interests outside of work. Understanding that you care about them both in and out of work is sure to make their day and to solidify mutual respect. Once again, monogramming and customization take your care and concern to the next level.

Outdoor gifts include totes, cooler bags, chairs, and more supplies for adventurous outings and parties. Giving clients a reason to blow off some steam outside the office is a great way to foster recreation and healthy outlets. You might even extend an invite to an outdoor function with your outdoor gift!

Barware giftsare the ideal balance between professional and personal. Sophistication is unmistakable in a flask, a set of personalized rocks glasses, or a monogrammed decanter. TheRocks glassesshown above are an absolute classic and feature a weighted bottom for added comfort. Beyond the sleek design, personalization is absolutely free.

Another classy gift to consider to an extra special client, especially one for a CEO or other executive of a company,isa personalized decanterthat is essential to any home bar. This staple will store your clients favorite liquor with unmistakable class, and will inspire positive thoughts of you all year long.  You could easily imagine them placing that on their shelf within their office, or it being a signature piece at home.  Either way, a very very impressive gift with a personal touch.

Creating your own unique gift bag that represents your company is an amazing way to pull together a lot of little treats that represent the best of your company.  While mostly done for employee gifts, weve found a few companies giving these to their clients in the past couple of years, especially if the gifts in the bag are relatively expensive. We have a a few ideas to contribute to your bag that you might want to consider.

First,consider the bag youll put together. Getting a Branded Tote is probably the best first step.

Second,think about what items you want.  We recommend getting something branded or with your logo in order for the recipient to avoid feeling like their getting the results of a quick trip to the local grocery store or Costco. Click on any of the pictures below to see similar items

Our Top 5 Gift Ideas for Gift Baskets

Custom Chocolates representing your industry or other symbols of the work your employees perform. For example, a hammer and nail for carpenters.

Gift Baskets with personalized messages

Business gifts for clients and employees demonstrate your  appreciation as an employer and a service provider. Utilizing the opportunity to connect to your organizations values is a smart move.

The personal nature of gift giving means that your client or employee will recognize your investment in them, and may even improve the quality of their work in response to your gesture.

Here are our Top 10 reasons to give a client or employee gift.

– Has Sally been at work early for the past two weeks working on a project with strict deadlines? Has Curt been picking up slack because one of his team members is out on leave? Demonstrate your appreciation through a gift. Sally, Tom, or any other individual will recognize that you notice their extra effort and that you care enough to give them something personal. Employee morale skyrockets with positive recognition through employee gifts.

Is there a possibility that one of your clients is considering multiple options for an upcoming project? Corporate holiday gifts for clients keep you at the top of their pile and their brain. Not only will it remind them that you exist, but that you care enough to grace them with a gift. Values speak volumes.

Do something different for your best customers

– Send a gift they wouldnt expect. The people who keep you at your best and who support consistent demand for your services deserve something special. What would make their day that they would never see coming? Whether its a tower of chocolate or a box of customized cookies, warm their heart with something unexpected.

– Did you know that sixty three percent of corporations send business gifts annually? The number is even higher when it comes to professional services. Eighty five percent of companies like real estate lenders, property managers, engineering firms and accountants send gifts every year. Client gifts for real estate are particularly well known as housewarming gifts after purchasing property. Taking the opportunity to personally connect or thank someone regarding a business transaction is extremely common. Wondering how much to spend? The average gift is right around fifty three dollars. Consider figuring in gifts to your annual budget; when clients understand that you are invested in them, they are much more likely to return the favor. Gifting builds relationships, consistency, and loyalty.

Your Competition is sending YOUR customers gifts

not only is gifting popular, but your competition is doing it! In order to stay competitive with the other organizations in your industry, gifting is a must. Frustrating as it may be, regardless of the quality of their services stacked up against yours, if a potential client routinely receives gifts from one of your competitors, they may indeed be more inclined to purchase their services instead of rporate holiday gifts for clients truly keep you at the forefront of peoples minds.

– There are plenty of reasons your company would give client gifts: spreading seasonal cheer, thanking a valued client, or celebrating professional achievements. Companies have plenty to gain from deducting client gifts during tax season. There are several things to remember regarding gift giving as it relates to tax deductions.

Companies can deduct up to seventy five dollars for every gift given to an individual. Coworkers, clients, and employees all qualify, whether the gift is direct or indirect. To clarify, this means that if you spend under seventy five dollars on each persons gift, you can write it off on your taxes.

An indirect gift is something intended for eventual personal use, including gifts to clients or family members of employees.

A direct gift is given as part of a direct professional relationship. For instance, a company that gifted a gift basket to each employee would be giving direct gifts.

Incidental costs are extras that accompany a gift. These usually dont count towards the seventy five dollar cap. This means that if you wanted to order a seventy five dollar tote bag and have it monogrammed for an extra five dollars, your gift would still fall into the seventy five dollar bracket and would be acceptable for a tax write-off.

Personalized Gifting Reinforces Your Brand

– Remember those cookies and chocolates with your logo printed on them? All of this counts not only as gifting, but as marketing. Anyone who sees the chocolates, including and apart from the intended recipient, witnesses your corporate brand in action.Not only that, but its part of a super positive exchange. This means that people are going to associate you with giving, generosity, and value without even thinking about it!

– Once you pick an item, the hard part is assembling all of the case you need help, AtAll About Gifts & Baskets, we have a spreadsheet that makes it easy to enter all of your addresses and to add any personal notes. Every single order is managed by our personal corporate gift Specialist who will be in touch with you to take care of all the details regarding your client gifts.

Youve decided that youd like to send business gifts to clients and employees because of the multitude of benefits it affords you. Now comes the fun part; how do you get started?

Getting departments and management to agree on a specified amount for gifting is essential. Weve tried to list out lots of ideas for corporate gifts here, but youll want to to be clear on what youre spending per gift and as a total. Clear expectations are critical to any purchase ordering. Once the logistics are squared away, its time to have a little fun playing gift-giver.

Decide on whether you are giving Group or Individual Gifts

Both group and individual gifts come with their own sets of benefits and considerations. While group gifts address a crowd at once, they can be perceived as slightly less personal. Then again, who would be likely to complain while they were passing a box of chocolates around the conference room table?Individual gifts provide a unique opportunity to demonstrate how well you know a client. Appreciation is unmistakable when someone receives a box, basket, or tower all for themselves. However, gifting individually adds up. Ensure that your company has a gifting strategy that works for everyone.

Typically, its a good idea to be prepared with one or two corporate gifts. A high end gift goes above and beyond to demonstrate to high end clients how much they (and their business) mean to you. A slightly less expensive gift for all of your other clients shows that you care without cramping your companys budget. This way, gifting stays productive, enjoyable, and stress-free.

Figure out whether all your clients accept gifts. –

Some companies have policies that prohibit gifting or incentive giving. Others have limits about which types of gifts theyre allowed to accept. Fortunately, All About Gifts & Baskets maintains a list of over 1,000 companies and their policies. Everything is conveniently located in one spot so that your gifting process remains as streamlined as possible, and each client receives exactly the gift you intend for them.

Frequently asked questions about Corporate Gift Ideas for Clients

Logo When considering corporate gift ideas, it can be difficult to decide whether or not to include your logo on gifts. If you do decide to utilize the marketing opportunity, your client will understand your sense of professionalism, class, and intention. All other individuals who glimpse the gift will be able to associate you with the integrity, compassion, and generosity that you deserve.

If you leave the logo off, the gift may be perceived as slightly more personal. Without the added business touch, your client may interpret the gesture as more intimately human. There is no right or wrong answer; each decision about whether to include a logo completely depends on your relationship with that particular client. Trust your intuition and the rest will fall into place.

Food Deciding whether to send a food based gift or something else comes up frequently when considering what to gift. Sending food is sure to please.

With an extremely large variety of edible gift options available, there is absolutely something for everyone. Food can be shared in the office as a morale boost, and can serve as a reminder for multiple people that you care enough to think about them.

Gifts aside from food last longer. While they may be of more use to one particular individual than to the office floor, they stick around to remind that person of your values and desire to share with them. Again, the choice remains completely dependent on particular circumstances, and there is no way you can possibly mess up.

Should you send a substantial group gift or smaller, individual gifts? Sending a large gift to a group of people lets everyone know you care about them as employees or clients of that particular collective.They are left with no doubt that you appreciate their business and that you think about them fondly in a professional sense. They are likely to also appreciate the luxury of a more expensive selection.Choosing smaller, less expensive personal gifts allows for more variety and customization. Not only will these people understand that you care about their business, but your choice will convey that you care about them as individuals. You are free to give Bob his milk chocolates and Susan her preference for dark chocolate, and you still have the option to customize with your companys logo or not. Options are endless to pick just the right special something for the ones you appreciate.

If you made it this far, youre an expert about all the ins and outs of corporate gift ideas.

You now know the best corporate gifts, you have at least five reasons to tell your boss why sending your clients and employees are a worthy reason and weve given you the easiest and quickest path to getting hundreds of gifts out quickly.

Feel free to ask us any questions in the comments!


Business Gifts: How to Shop Buying gifts can be a tricky business; what does the recipient want, and more importantly, what does she not want? Does she have this, does she have that? It can be very difficult to buy

Taking time to thank the people who make your business a success the employees does wonders for morale.  When people feel like their work matters, that it is valued and appreciated, it spurs them to work harder or

This year send out gifts to your colleagues and business associates that are fun, interesting and different. Have your logo embossed or engraved on an upscale product that your business associates will use and want to display. Any reputable company

This year send out gifts to your colleagues and business associates that are fun, interesting and different. Have your logo embossed or engraved on an upscale product that your business associates will use and want to display. Any reputable company

Taking time to thank the people who make your business a success the employees does wonders for morale.  When people feel like their work matters, that it is valued and appreciated, it spurs them to work harder or

Business Gifts: How to Shop Buying gifts can be a tricky business; what does the recipient want, and more importantly, what does she not want? Does she have this, does she have that? It can be very difficult to buy

What are the Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Christmas?

Why should I give a gift to a client or employee?

Frequently asked questions about Corporate Gift Ideas for Clients

Hi Mimi. We do have some great clothing ideas. You could consider the traditional t-shirts and fleeces of course. But one of our favorite unique things to get is actually a scarf with your company logo on it (esp for the winter). If youre in a warmer climate, of course that wont work. So you can go for fun warm weather ideas like hats (especially sun hats)

I need to buy gifts for truckers. Any ideas?

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Corporate Gift Giving is important in todays business environment and can have measurable effects on customer

and staff loyalty, growth and referrals. Gourmet Baskets wide range of corporate gift hampers and corporate gift baskets will make a memorable impression upon your customers, staff and business associates. For full details of our stunning presentation and wide range of corporate gifting services please see our Corporate Gift Program.

Upgrade your wine! For any gift with wine, click on VIEW and select from a range of wines before purchasing the gift.

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