Samsung’s flagship dropped from 5688 to 3999.

Samsung’s flagship dropped from 5688 to 3999.
It is no secret that Samsung mobile phones have been cold in the Chinese market. From the current situation, its market share is less than 0.8%, and may continue to decline in the future. As the flagship of last year, the recent price of Samsung’s mobile phone has dropped from 5,688 yuan to 3,999 yuan, but it is still nobody cares, really too embarrassing!

This phone is the Samsung s8 released last year. In fact, as the flagship of last year, it should belong to the machine level. It adopts the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, and is equipped with a curved screen design and can support IP68 waterproof, with wireless charging and iris recognition, and it looks really powerful. In the comparison of last year’s models, I believe that even Huawei’s new flagship of Xiaomi may not be able to win, saying that it is not an exaggeration.

However, we have found that even if the price of this mobile phone has dropped very sharply recently, it has not caused people’s desire to buy, and it is basically nobody cares. Currently on the third-party platform, Samsung s8 this phone sales data has been staying for a very long time, no major changes. The reason may be due to the following:

Although the current price of Samsung s8 phone has declined, it still reaches 3,999 yuan. Even in the market, the price of third-party channels should reach 3,000 yuan. This is actually the price of many new Android flagships. For example, Xiaomi 8, Meizu 16 and even OPPOR17 and other mobile phones are basically within this price range. And if you are willing to increase the price, you can even buy the iPhone 8 and other mobile phones directly, and the experience is even better.

So, even compared to Samsung’s mobile phone, Samsung s9’s recent price decline is more serious, although Guoan is satisfied to start at 5,199 yuan, but if you are willing to choose Hong Kong version, the price has dropped to 3,500 yuan, and Performance configuration and appearance are actually better! In contrast, the Samsung S8 is no longer worth buying.

If it is you, would you choose the Samsung S8 that is now lowering the price? Think about how this phone is, welcome to talk about your opinion.related articles