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Shawn write:Not bad for a game just released, definitely not worth the $17 price tag at the moment, not much to do atm either besides a few buildables (pre placed all you can do is add logs) i managed to explore 3 islands (not sure if there is more) Im quite interested to see where this game goes. I personally feel you should wait a few weeks/months to see if anything is added before picking up the biggest problems for me right now with this game

Save doesnt work at all. Motion blur! Dear god allow me to disable that crap! finding ship parts is like finding a needle in a hay stack the raft to switch islands is wonky (for me anyways) when you jump on it you have no clue which island youre actually being teleportd to. cant do anything at all at night (cant see) so you have to idle for like 10 mins for day agian. without steam trading cards!

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Vic=HKC= write:Pixel Puzzles 2: Birds is a jigsaw game with a particular theme: birds. The goal is to rebuild a picture of them to unlock more puzzles. If youre familiar with Japan and UndeadZ, nothing is really changing: the pieces are floating in the water, the more you advance, the more puzzles with a big number of pieces youll find and the forms are different. There is a new mechanism for getting some bonus: you have to catch crabs.

Also, you have a bonus level on the TV interface, which is nice. Anyway, Ive enjoyed this game less than the other three (Im counting Anime in it as Ive played at the time of the writing). I suppose its due to the fact that its real pictures and not drawing or with effects like in Japan. However, you wanted birds, you have all kinds of them. If you like jigsaw puzzles, go for it.

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Game Steam 70x Pixel Puzzles 2 Anime

Vic=HKC= write:Pixel Puzzles 2: Anime belongs to a series of games focusing on jigsaw mechanics on a thematic. The previous ones are about Zombies, Japan or Birds. Here, youll get images in an anime style remember, anime is the term often used to describe cartoons from Japan. The goal is the same: unlock more complicated puzzles (more numbers, more shapes, etc..) and rebuild the picture. You can use bonus if you collected enough fairy dusts, like the right place of the piece, or the complete image shown for a few seconds. While the pieces are floating in a sort of water, theyre not necessarily already in the right direction. I mean by that that youll need to rotate them to find the exact fitting.

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Game Steam Keys 69x Playing History Vikings

Vic=HKC= write:You play as Erik, a young Viking, raiding, discussing, battling, trading. well, he is living a life of Viking. During five chapters, you control him as he does quests, speaks with friends, enemies or merchants, spares with friends, fights enemies Oh hey, didnt I already tell that?In reality, the game is set to educate people about the Vikings and their culture. Given the fact that developers are Danish and that their games are used in schools, its kinda normal to see an opus on the Vikings. While the discussions are aiming to make you learn about their cultures, some objects can be inspected to give more information and even the items out of time are educational. And Ill say the same thing as for Slave Trade: its not documented enough.

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Free Steam 70x Playing History 2 Slave Trade

Belphegore write:Playing History 2 Slave Trade is the infamous, educational point and click title that ticked off a ton of people due to it initially brandishing a minigame called Slave Tetris; wherein you attempted to sardine as many mangled slaves as possible into a trade ship. However, due to the overwhelming amount of complaints and general backlash that this minigame received, the developer eventually removed it from the title altogether.

You take on the role of Putjin, a boy who was captured from Africa and forced into slavery. At the start of the game, you find out that you have been given the Christian name of Tim; which is what the white slave masters will refer to you as. You perform errands for your master, who is the captain of a ship, and earn his trust or distrust through dialogue choices along the way. Early on into the game, you are given an item called chrono goggles, which are to be used whenever you see something that doesnt belong in the 1700s. Each time you find an object, you are given a new minigame to complete; this mechanic could have been better utilized if there were more than two objects that require these special goggles.

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Krazedlion write:Steam Heroes has a story mode and a Steam Heroes mode. The story mode is cheesey, short and takes about 30-40 minutes to complete. The Steam Heroes mode allows you to choose which villain to battle from the story mode. Its your basic match 3 with ok-ish graphics. It has no resolution settings or options of any kind. Its kind of fun, but it lacks replay value as in its just not that much fun. Get it on sale for 90% off or in a bundle. 4/10 steam trading cards included!

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Free Key For Steam 69x SNOWFLAKE TATTOO

Will write:You are a scavenger with a talking bike that goes around this ship collecting dollsteak that appear to be some sort of experimented abomination that used to be women. Theres a lot of cool mechanics, especially the plasma mechanic, where your only weapon harms you as well as the enemy, and can impede progress if you spray it around too much. Unfortunately, this game just isnt that fun. Most of the first level is spent traversing the same corridors again and again until a dollsteak appears, at which point you grab it and continue. Theres a story but its given to you in multiple sentences at a time while youre playing. The screen is cluttered and view distance is incredibly short. Every item appears to be randomly placed, and after three tries I finally gathered 10 dollsteak. I was then supposed to escape the ship while my heat lowered and my health drained. A gate impeded my progress and I was killed because the only keys that generated were too far away from the gate to keep it open long enough. steam trading cards included!

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TDuke339 write:I only recomend this game to 4x space genre super fans. The game attempts to use very different mechanics than is usual. It does not quite work and can get boring after you work out what the hell is going on. I like it because it is fresh and very different to the other games in my collection. Get it on sale. Expect maybe 8 hours of gamplay before you put it down. steam trading cards included!

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Steam Game 88x Ring Runner Flight of the Sages

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Steam Game 88x Ring Runner Flight of the Sages

Tavaesoe write:A week ago I honestly hadnt heard of this game, I bought it on a whim, a longing for SPAZ2, and being a huge fan of RPG/Shooter type games, came together at a moment of weakness. I was completely blown away, it was the most fun Ive had in a game all year, and probably my favorite shooter of all time, a title previously held by Tyrian. I just cant praise you enough, it was fun the entire way. I just finished the campaign, and I really just loved it. steam trading cards included!

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Steam Gaming 88x Ring Runner Flight of the Sages

Expanding Man write:Ring Runner follows FTL into the illusive zone of flawless indie game glory. It is almost criminal that it took this game as long as it did to get on Steam. Addictive gameplay with an incredibly smooth UI, and a staggering amount of flexibility, with a depth and sophistication that will continue to surprise you. There are countless ships, with a fitting system of a quality you will be hard pressed to find outside of EVE Online. The story and dialogue is surprisingly good, at times goofy, often trippy and surreal and almost always hilarious. The graphics are absolutely beautiful, proof that it is not always necessary to melt your video card. steam trading cards included!

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List of TF2 raffles Dota 2 Steam CSGO Giveaways

In this guide I will list some of the websites that have Steam-, TF2-, and CSGO giveways regularly. I know this isnt a trade guide and Im sorry for everyone out there that has zero interest in giveaways, but this guide is really for all the poor players out there, that want that tiny tiny chance of getting a sweet skin/hat or game. A quick note before I start,I dont recommend entering giveaways that requires you to pay to enter, I wouldnt call these giveaways its just gambling really, and most these giveways have a shitload of participants so the chance of winning is really low, but hopefully with the help of this list you will find & enter a lot of free giveaways and increase your chances of winning.

CSGOrageis a website thats a website only dedicated to raffles, theres a mixture of giveways that cost real money to enter and also free ones. Even though the chance for winning the paid raffles are much higherI wouldnt recommend entering them, its just not worth the money and its basically gambling, the cost is low but the chance is winning is crazy low anyway, so stick to the free ones.

CSGO Hubis a betting and prediction site for CSGO and e-sport, they are also giving away a free skins on a regular basis, entering is easy and youll be asked to do some simple tasks in order to enter the giveaway. And like all sites that offer raffles on this list you should never do anything you dont feel comfortable with, for example you can change your name to include the sites URL to earn extra entries, just do what you feel comfortable with.

Random Acts of CS:GOon Reddit is a place where other players give away free skins, fantastic place where people show their generosity. Maybe not the most fanciest skins being given away but on the other hand the chances of getting something for free is much higher here then many of the other sites on the list. Make sure you pay the community back if you got a free skin here, sharing is caring you know!

CS:GO Giveaways on redditis another subreddit for CSGO items, not as active though.

LootMarketis a CS:GO & Dota 2 Shop where you can buy & sells items/skins for money. They also have regular CSGO & Dota 2 giveaways. Just head over to the link and click Free Stuff in the top menu bar. A lot of people join these raffles so the chances of winning isnt the best, but the prizes are usually really good. Chance of winning is super low, but thats the case on all giveaways on this list, sadly people seem to like free stuff.

Steamgiftsis defiantly the biggest and most active site when it comes to giveaways of Steam games. The sites giveaways are all from the users of the site itself, and youll be surprised about how many games are being given away each and every day, its just a lovely community of giving and taking 3. All raffles are free to join, you are given points that are based on how many giveaways that are active on the site at the moment, and each game raffle cost a certain amount of points to enter (based on how much the game cost).

Orlygiftsis another place where you can enter giveaways for for the chance to win games. Indie game companies are giving away their games here in order to promote and get the word out about their games. You can complete simple tasks in order to enter more giveaways and increase your chance to win, you can also use these the points you get from completing these tasks to buy indie games with them.

Indiegalais a indie game shop that has a similar pricing model as Humblebundle, the site has regular giveaways that you can enter for free.

Update. The new changes to the Steam game gifts will make it less and less common with Steam game giveaways, the update is still very new and time will tell if these kinds of raffles will continue, hopefully so.

Scrap.tfhas a raffle section over at their website where other players are giving away everything from hats, skins and weapons. All the raffles are free to enter and from time to time the staff of puts up some pretty amazing raffles with unusuals, keys and other yummy stuff.

This is the biggest and most active place if your looking for TF2 giveaways, that also means theres a lot of people joining each and every raffle on the site, but that goes for all the raffles on the list really. They also have something called Megaraffle, where anyone can contribute to the pool and then a huge amount of items is given away to people that entered the raffle.

TF2 Item Rafflesis another site with free player driven giveaways, a bunch of items to be won here, mostly weapons & metal I guess, so its a great place for all you poor TF2 players. It used to be way more popular then it is right now, so going to for your TF2 raffeling needs is a safer bet.

I host monthly giveaways on the site where I giveaway CSGO/TF2 keys & Steam games, you can check out thegiveaway sectionover here or you can find the current live giveaway below. Happy hunting!

If you find this list useful I suggest you bookmark it in your browser so you can come back to it and check if theres new giveaways from time to time. Also I really would appreciate it if you gave the guide a like and shared this will your friends, community or anyone who would enjoy this, it would really help me & the site out.

My name is Jonas and Im the owner & writer for Tradeplz. When Im not huzzling silly pixel hats Im a designer and artist that likes to do pretty things.

How to buy Cheap Steam Games on A Step-by-Step guide

Get your own Steam/TF2/CSGO Trading bot (List of Free Paid Options)

How to Convert your Steam Wallet into real money (Paypal/Bitcoin)

Update: SteamCompanion is closed for ages, Indiegala and Orlygift are recommended as a replace =d